How to Create a Project Roadmap: The Simplest Guide

Helen is a marketing expert, editor-in-chief, and head of content. She currently works for Intellisoft, being part of its marketing dept. Roadmaps should be written by leading professionals who are recognized experts and have an excellent understanding of the specifics of a particular industry. Also, it helps to understand what results will be produced by the end of the cycle. The main challenge of being successful in the market is staying flexible.

stages of creating an IT roadmap

Striving to understand how to create a roadmap for a project, don’t make it too complicated. Make sure your roadmap has realistic goals and timeframes. It is necessary to introduce the work team to stakeholders and other project participants. The kickoff event also allows holding the final meet-up to discuss and cover all gaps before the project starts and be sure the team understands stakeholder expectations.

Getting Started with Roadmaps

Overall, the main benefit is that it helps development teams know what needs to be done, their progress in a specific time frame, and who is involved. Using a roadmap template makes it easier for you to capture and communicate your product/project plans as it offers a pre-made structure to your own data. Moreover, you can easily update them as often as necessary and even re-use them for future initiatives without having to start from scratch all over again. However, business stakeholders should not focus on every detail of each sprint. The development roadmap is not a project management control panel that contains all tasks, deadlines, bug reports, etc.

Using a technology roadmap can help a company plan out the best way to introduce a technological change in the business. This plan would include rolling out new software for employees, upgrading the organization’s digital network, or migrating to a new email program. A technology roadmap is a high-level visual summary that maps out the vision and plans for a complex technology undertaking. Businesses use technology roadmaps to plan and manage internal IT projects. The product backlogs use all ideas that companies want to implement in the future, but with less detail, uncertain scope, and fuzzy timelines.

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Instead, set broader timeframes or omit deadlines altogether. Mindsight, a Chicago IT services provider, is an extension of your team. Our culture is built on transparency and trust, and our team is made up of extraordinary people – the kinds of people you would hire.

What should a project roadmap include?

It is better to fail at the prototype phase than to fail when the product has already been launched. Sales managers need to understand the “why” of the product. Having meetings with them will help everyone be on the same page regarding the key features and the surprise element your product will have that makes it different from others.

While an objective serves as a more general purpose, a key result specifies in numbers different goals. This alignment of efforts helps them understand if they have – or haven’t met these goals. The paramount importance of roadmaps means that any mistakes or poor wording can easily halt forward momentum. Don’t be that person – avoid this trap by getting to know the below common oversights with product roadmaps. Using a roadmapping tool gives you greater control over your map’s visual style and organization.

stages of creating an IT roadmap

It’s the best option for teams who want to build an extensive collection of ready-to-go roadmap templates. After the beta release, you can gather all the data from users and craft your final version of the product. Here, different team areas (engineering, customer support, sales, marketing, etc.) will work on their final release strategies to ensure the product will succeed. Marketing specialists will help you understand the best strategies to reach your target audience. Discussing with them the product will provide them with a clear vision and strategy for their marketing campaigns. Everyone knows why the product matters and what its purpose is.

Run delightful meetings with Fellow

Typically, road maps are created 18 months in advance and revised at least once every three months. Your technology roadmap will depend on the objectives you pursue, the distinct operational DNA of your firm, and the direction you want it to go. Therefore, despite comparable types and templates, there will never be two identical examples of an IT roadmap. It can predict the strategy for the long-term work of a product roadmap. Companies need to create a project release roadmap based on the specialists they want to hire. Each issue should be assigned to a specific product goal and deadline.

stages of creating an IT roadmap

So engage with your customer support and sales teams – or directly with your customers – to identify what to bring back to the drawing board. Committing your team to hard deadlines might not leave much room for adjustments or unexpected innovations. As a result, your service or product might reach its release date with serious bugs or errors that you could have avoided with proper testing.

Steps to Managing Unplanned Work

We delve into your business needs and our expert team drafts the optimal solution for your project. AWS-based BI Platform for Marketing Insights AWS-based platform empowered with BI that enhances the efficiency of marketing activities and optimizes marketing campaigns. Voice Recognition Platform for Feedback Exchange Speech-to-text mobile app and the web platform processing feedback into the company’s workflow. This template platform is quite expensive; its monthly price is almost $60, which exceeds the rates of the above solutions.

Three Example Roadmaps for Product Managers A product roadmap is a high-level summary that maps out your product vision and overarching product strategy. 7 Secrets for Successful Product Roadmaps How do product teams build successful product roadmaps? We’re sharing best practices based on data from real product teams. A product roadmap helps align business goals with technology solutions. Developers get a guided roadmap plan with level deadlines and milestones as well as a way to think about dependent tasks and understand possible risks. Although you may not necessarily do everything on a roadmap in a given year, a product roadmap without timelines is like a car without wheels, it goes nowhere.

If necessary, add new stages like, “research 3rd party vendor” or “hire network admin” to the roadmap at the appropriate time. IT roadmaps are great if you’re a business incorporating tech solutions into your workflow. Let’s say you’re a retail company creating a customer web portal. An IT roadmap will describe the software development and testing process, along with the plan for migrating existing data and onboarding employees. Product and tech roadmaps can be used to set a more accurate benchmark for future actions. They are useful for more in-depth analysis by professionals who are developing new markets, especially those with a technology orientation.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked question about roadmaps. Colors – assign different colors to different work components to better differentiate stages of your initiative and communicate them visually. Prioritize and determine requirements – break down the activities that best support your strategy into smaller units of work.

When you use a purpose-built roadmap tool, creating, editing, shifting, and removing dates is as simple as a few clicks. In other words, you won’t have to rebuild the entire document or move enormous amounts of stories around when your dates need to change. A common oversight in product roadmap creation is thinking in this initial stage that everything in your development will play out precisely according to plan. Therefore the roadmap is crafted with set-in-stone dates and promises, even for items planned far into the future. If you have that data visible and accessible to anyone viewing your roadmap at any time, it can make a significant difference in giving credibility to your strategic plan.

This resource works by subscription with a half-month free trial period. The service is so easy to use and popular that even big names like Coca-Cola choose it when they need to find a cool template. A roadmap is a great way to synchronize the team’s work and coordinate each participant’s efforts. By using the roadmap, different departments can work as a team with much greater efficiency. Priorities also have an influence on the way how to make a roadmap for a project. You can leave project representatives’ phone numbers for quick access in case participants will have something urgent.

Insulate team members from stakeholders

It covers all major business segments and customer strategies. Your product roadmap shows the big picture of what your product will become and determines the direction of the company’s scaling activities in the future. So, if companies want to start how to build a product roadmap, it’s crucial to think about strategy first. Despite the active growth dynamics of the product roadmap tool, about 20% of project managers still suffer from a lack of digital roadmap resources.

What is a product roadmap?

With the right roadmap tool, you’ll have no excuse for not updating the roadmap as often as necessary. This plays such a critical role in the success of your product in each of its what is an IT roadmap development steps. Remember that you are telling a story about how your strategy fits with the product vision. So tell the story in big, bold strokes rather than minute details.

Project roadmaps are slightly less detail-oriented than project timelines. The primary concern is respecting the original deadlines and adjusting deliverables to meet them, when required. It represents the output of your planning process and will serve as the main tool to communicate your initiative to stakeholders in a compelling manner.

Including dates too far out on your roadmap

Projects change all the time, especially if you’re taking an Agile approach. A roadmap can be changed to reflect changes in timelines, resources, milestones, and dependencies. This is where a Work OS really comes in handy — it’s a lot less time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone to update than a paper or spreadsheet-based roadmap. On the flip side, it’s important to note that a project roadmap isn’t a great way for keeping the people ‘in the weeds’ up to date (i.e., your project team) once your project is underway.

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